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in Zante
About us
Rescue Club is the most renowned club in Zante as it is the biggest of the clubs in Zante which is considered to be the trend setter here in Zante and the Ionian Islands. No visit to Laganas or Zante would be complete without at least one Rescue session.

Rescue Club is one of the few places in Laganas and Zante to have a true VIP area with its own separate bar and lounge area. Rescue Club VIP is located above the outside bar, right on the front of Rescue Club, overlooking the main strip of Laganas. Here is a more relaxed atmosphere away from the hassle of the main arena, but without missing out on the experience of Rescue Club Zante.
If you would like to upgrade or to reserve a VIP table and enjoy a night full of EXCLUSIVITY, LUXURY and STYLE with your friends with a bottle of your choice then please follow this link below...
Rescue Club can offer exclusive access to the VIP area where you will be able to get all of the following.

Complimentary Admission (additional charge may apply on event nights)
VIP Entrance & Hostess
A wide selection of Premium Bottles
Private VIP Table & Seating
Re-entry to the club
Access to VIP area
VIP Hosting throughout the night

(A table is for up to 6 people per bottle, more than 6 people will mean more than 1 bottle to be purchased)
This summer Rescue Club will bring you more parties and events than ever before....  
Glow Party on Monday, Zante Live on Tuesday, The world famous
Paint Party on Wednesday, Joel Corry on Thursday, and Saturday Rehab.
All these events are availbale for now to get your early bird tickets so you don't miss out.
Also available our the Rescue Club VIP Wristbands which entitles you to hugh savings on drinks on the front bar while you are on holiday.
Rescue Club Zante is The Biggest and the best club in Zante. We are the only club in Zante to hold more than 2000 people. There is not another club like Rescue Club in Laganas, Zante. Where we lead, others can only play catch-up. With 3 massive rooms, 6 bars, from the VIP open air lounge bar, to the bright and fun driven party cocktail bar outside to the massive main arena inside, Rescue Club is definitely the only super club in Laganas, Zante.
Rescue Club is still, without a doubt, the ultimate clubbing experience in Zante. Summer 2012 saw the first paint party to hit Zante, summer 2013 was massive, summer 2014 was insane and Summer 2015 was off the chart, Summer 2016 was pure madnes and as for Summer 2017 it was pure insanity. This summer we aim to take out of this world. Paint Party Zante, europes largest paint party with
Paint Glow, will be making more of mess than ever before.
Rescue Club Package
Zante Mega Deal
  1. Monday Night
    The night is bright as every Monday night is Glow Party Night. Face Painting is is the norm as well as any neon coloured clothing.
  2. Tuesday Night
    Zante Live is the biggest live event in Zante. Every week we have some of the biggest names performing live on stage or on the decks.
  3. Wednesday Night
    Get ready to get messy as tonight is Europe's biggest Paint Party. 5hrs of none stop partying with paint. Don't expect to go home clean...
  4. Thursday Night
    Joel Corry presents in association with Zante Live Xtra. Tonight's theme is ZOO. Animal Inflatables, Face Painting and dancers to entertain all night long
  5. Saturday Rehab
    Just when you thought it was time to relax we give you Rehab. All the best music to helpo you dance the night away.
  6. Every Night
    VIP Upgrade. Treat yourself and your friends and upgrade to VIP. Rescue Club is the only club to have a Lounge Bar.
  1. Leathal Bizzle
    Leathal Bizzle
    Biggest acts every Tuesday with Zante Live
  2. Paint Party
    Paint Party
    Europe's Largest Paint Party only at Rescue Club Zante
  3. Charlie Sloth
    Charlie Sloth
    Biggest acts every Tuesday with Zante Live
  4. Paint Party
    Paint Party
    Europe's Largest Paint Party only at Rescue Club Zante
  5. Danny Howard
    Danny Howard
    Biggest acts every Tuesday with Zante Live
  6. Joel Corry
    Joel Corry
    Joel Corry with Zante Live Xtra
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